Monday, October 28, 2013


This is pretty much the ONLY book I ever want to read. EVER!

Check out my favorite book trailer of the year (so fa:

I Pick!

This year we have been learning how to choose books that are just right for us. We have been using the I PICK strategy to help us remember how to pick books that work for us. An awesome class in the US created an I PICK rap song so that we never forget the rules!

Here is the I PICK strategy:

I - I choose the book.
P - Purpose - Why do I want to read this?
I - Interest - Am I interested in the topic?
C - Comprehend - Do I understand what I am reading?
K - Know - Do I know most of the words?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We made 2 Kiva Loans Today!

Today we had enough money in our Kiva account to make 2 separate loans. After a careful vote, we chose two very deserving requests.
Pedro is a hardworking husband and father in Peru who works on the docks. He believes that dedication and good effort makes his life rewarding. He is hoping to use his loan to make his home safer and more suitable for his family.
 Djidia II is a group of women from Baramba, in the country of Mali, who live in traditional larger familie. Esther is a member of this group, and plans to buy a variety of food products to use for food platters she sells at the local market.

To learn more about Kiva, visit

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Q and A with Kate Messner - Numero 2!

This is another Q and A that the wonderful author Kate Messner put up on her blog to share her thoughts with students involved in the Global Read Aloud.
This one's a little special though! Grade Threes at MRES should listen closely!!!

Another Awesome Example of Man-Made Music!

One of our super parents sent the link to this great example of music that is definitely "man-made!" Thanks Mrs. Court! We really appreciate it!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Missing you kids!

Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying the end of your school week! I just arrived in Jasper for the Alberta Social Studies Teachers Conference after a loooong drive. But it was all worth it when I saw who was eating supper next to my room!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Q and A with Kate Messner!

Kate Messner, the author of Marty Maguire, is posting weekly videos answering questions from the hundreds of classes that are reading her book during the Global Read Aloud. Here is her first Q and A video!
What question would you ask Kate Messner if you had the chance?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Global Read Aloud

Did you know our class is part of the Global Read Aloud? We are one of thousands of classes around the world participating in a (sort-of) book club - we are reading the book, Marty Mcguire, at the same time as many different Grade Three classes. We have already made connections with students in California and Michigan, and we are only on chapter 4! Students have been writing on their Kidblogs and commenting on other students' blogs around the world.  It has been very exciting, and we are looking forward to meeting more kids through our classroom reading!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dishwasher Music???

Yesterday we were talking about how sounds are all around us, and how you can make music out of almost anything! One example we looked at was the Broadway musical Stomp. Here is a video from Stomp that we loved!