Friday, April 27, 2012

Picturing 7 Billion People

In October of 2011, the Earth hit a population of 7 billion people! Wow! It was guessed that the 7 billionth person was born in India. This is a photo from the New York Times of people waiting at a train station in India. It is hard to even comprehend this amount of people in such a small space, when we live in such a "spread out" culture. What do you think about this photo?

Global Celebrations

It was a sad Wednesday this week, because we had to say goodbye to Miss Gilgan, our awesome student teacher that has been with us for the last six weeks. But we decided to say goodbye in style, with a global celebration!
Students made Peruvian rainsticks, tried out foods from around the world, and just had a fabulous time! Miss Gilgan also brought us thoughtful gifts - geraniums which students can replant at home! Thanks again Miss Gilgan - we're going to miss you!

Learning and Teaching About Alberta's History

The Grade Fours held the MRES Heritage Fair this week. Students have been working hard on developing projects which pertained to Alberta's history. The Grade Fours chose their own projects last month, then got down to work! We have been working incredibly hard on these, and the students and I are very proud of their work. Teachers, parents, and other MRES students were also very impressed at the Heritage Fair. Some of our students will even be attending the Regional Heritage Fair at the Galt Museum in Lethbridge on May 5th. The public is welcome to attend that morning to view over 100 students' projects from around Southern Alberta. It would be great to see you there!

Every Day is Earth Day!

 We missed Earth Day at school, because it was on a Sunday, but we celebrated in fine form on Monday! Our whole school had a great outdoor picnic, in absolutely beautiful 30 degree weather, and then we strolled around town on a litter pick-up project. Students worked in groups to clean up Milk River.

 It was crazy how much garbage we were able to find! It made us really think about how we need to take better care of our environment and community, and encourage others to do so as well.

Global Grade Three

Wow! It has been a busy couple of weeks, and I have not been a very devoted blogger. Which means there is LOTS of stuff to post today. Hold on to your hats!

How about we start with a very cool Social Studies project that the kids have been working on in the past couple of weeks with Miss Gilgan? In Social Studies, we have been learning about global citizenship in relation to the four countries we have been studying this year: Ukraine, Tunisia, India, and Peru.
Students have been working on global citizen collages, which they used as images for postcards. These postcards are being sent to students in each of the four countries we are learning about. Maybe we will even get replies!

Here are some photos of the finished products.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You're A Poet! (and I know it!)

We have been learning about different forms of poetry for the last few weeks. Here are some fun poetry sites that you can experiment with!
Have fun!

The Poetry Engine
Shape Poem Fun
What Am I? Riddle Poems
Acrostic Poems
Shel Silverstein's website

Monday, April 9, 2012

This is a great video about a boy in LA who built his own cardboard arcade. It is AWESOME! I hope that you munchkins are having a great Easter and using your creative brains like Caine did.