Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Hi Fives!

Alright, so we have just started learning all about decimal numbers. It is looking like people are enjoying it so far... It is pretty exciting to learn something brand new like this.

So I started wondering last night, what makes it so interesting to you guys? What is so important about decimal numbers? I came up with some of my own ideas, but I would like to hear yours as well.

Here are your two "thinker" questions for this week. Post a comment below, and make sure to sign it with your initials.

1. What is one important thing you have learned about decimal numbers this week?

2. Why do you think understanding decimal numbers is important in real life? Where do you see them in your daily life, outside of math class?

After you are finished, you can build some decimal numbers with Virtual_Manipulatives.

Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend!